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camelia tea

Contains effective fat burning properties that
work to intensify levels of fat oxidization and
thermogenesis. This dual action helps
burn fuels such as fat cells. By boosting your
metabolism, you burn fat safely and effectively.


This rich antioxidant plant from India is now
Renown for its amazing fat burning properties especially in the belly area. A recent study in 2006 showed that patients supplemented with a formulation containing Cissus, lost 17lbs in just a few weeks compared to placebo patient that only lost 5lbs.


Derived from the white kidney Bean, Phaseolamin 2250 is the first nutritional ingredient that has been clinically and scientifically proven to neutralize up to 2250 starch calories daily. Phaseolamin 2250 works by deactivating the digestive enzyme alpha amylase in surplus starches you eat. Carbs are prevented from being turned into glucose and then into fat.


Jerusalem Artichoke contains a unique substance called inulin which keeps blood sugar level stable, helping to minimize your hunger cravings, particularly for sweet foods. Thus helping you lose weight fast. Inulin also acts as a powerful detox agent to help flush out toxins and waste. The Result is : less weight hanging around in your gut.


Soy Albuma inhibites a-amylase, while simultaneously reducing your BMI (Body Mass Index). Serum serotonin levels that control appetite have also been raised using these soy extracts, providing a mechanism for fast appetite suppression.


Capsaicin is the natural chemical in red pepper fruit. Increases metabolic activity and works to promote natural weight loss through fat oxydation. It is also one of the strongest appetite suppressants available in preventing rebound weight gain.

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